XTrend 2005

XTrend- Semiautomatische Medienresonanzanalyse

Partner: APA DeFacto

Media resonance analysis deals with quantitative and qualitative analysis of news with regard to mentions of items of interest within selected thematic contexts. For example, the subject of the analysis could be whether a certain company is mentioned rather positively or rather negatively in the context of environment protection. Currently, such analyses are associated with high manual effort and, due to rapidly increasing volume of information, are becoming ever harder to accomplish.

The goal of the project is to develop methods and tools for semi and fully automatic media resonance analysis. The main focus is to develop a modular and flexible concept which allows for a very broad definition and application of mentions, actors, groups, thematic contexts and their evaluations. Also, the knowledge which is manually fed into the system while the user is working shall be integrated into the employed statistical models. In this way the system will, to a certain degree, be capable of learning from the user, and will offer the possibility to use this knowledge in different projects and for different problems.