InfoSky 2002

InfoSky- Visualisation of Hierarchical Knowledge Spaces

Partner: Hyperwave Research & Development Ges.m.b.H

Employing today’s standard means of navigation and visualisation for large knowledge spaces, the identification of trends, relations and similarities between documents or search results is no trivial task. Knowledge Management Systems add to the problem by structuring documents in hierarchies, which are even less suited for explorative analysis in standard user interfaces.

InfoSky is an interactive system for the exploration of large, hierarchically structured document collections. InfoSky employs a planar graphical representation with variable magnification like a real-world telescope. The hierarchical structure is reflected using recursive subdivision into Voronoi polygons.

At each level of the hierarchy documents and subcollections are positioned according to the similarity of their content using a force-directed placement technique. Documents are assumed to have significant textual content, which can be extracted with specialised tools. The hierarchical structure is exploited for greater performance. Force-directed placement is applied recursively at each level on the objects at that level rather than on the whole corpus.

The concept of InfoSky has been explored in detail during the years 2001 and 2002, with several publications and a patent for the principle as a result. In 2003, an advanced system prototype featuring full server-client-architecture and incorporating features such as user rights has been built.

Summary in German (PDF) 2002_MgmtSum_InfoSky_DE.pdf 194,60 kB