KnowMiner – Multipurpose, Generic, Cross-media Retrieval and Visualisation Framework

Strategic Research Project

Depending on the results of the V-Markt project the directions for further developing the WebRat framework from the year 2002 was chosen. Focusing at the identified core areas it was to become an adaptable, configurable, general-purpose knowledge discovery framowork. Special attention was be given to handling very large amount of data, hierarchically structure repositories, and data enriched with metadata. Some functionality and analysis methods from the InsoSky project as well as metadata support techniques from the IMB Project were also be integrated. Modules from all these systems were brought together under a single unified architecture. A number of chosen prototype applications were developed as proof of the concept, for testing the system, and for identifying weaknesses of the concept.

Several projects with various partners leading to software solutions were successfully realized using KnowMiner technology. In chronological order, the following applications resemble parts of those success stories.