KnowMiner is a modular knowledge discovery software framework. The KnowMiner’s modular solution tools require certain in- and outputs and are therefore ordered in a certain sequence.

Due to its modular architecture and extensive configuration possibilities KnowMiner can be easily customized to realise complex knowledge discovery workflows and tuned to perform on heterogeneous data sets.

solution chain

Knowledge discovery involves data driven processes. Data needs to be transformed and processed by algorithms to extract meaningful knowledge for humans. The Knowledge Discovery Process was the inspiration of the KnowMiners functional blocks design as shown above.

Workflows in service oriented architectures consist of single, atomic services, called basis services. We each manage them by a team of two to three developers. Their interfaces have to fulfil certain criteria to be compatible with a processing interface that specifies common ways to use a service such as:

  • setting input data
  • retrieving results
  • starting and stopping service execution