Relation Analysis and Visualization for Evolving Networks

Partner: FIT-IT Semantic Systems

As the common name for what is widely considered the smartest species of birds, RAVEN is a fitting acronym for the scalable knowledge management and business intelligence platform underlying this research project. In Norse (Scandinavian) mythology, the two ravens Hugin and Munin – thought and memory, respectively – scout for the father of the gods Odin, keeping him up-to-date about the unfolding of events in the nine worlds. While the RAVEN research project targets mere humans, its intentions are similar – keeping users, analysts and decision-makers up-to-date about the unfolding of events in endogenous and exogenous information spaces, which themselves reflect interconnected events and processes of the real world. RAVEN aims to understand the evolution of these spaces by analyzing temporal-semantic relations between their elements.

More information can be found at www.modul.ac.at/nmt/raven