onAir 2002

onAIR: APA Intelligent Retrieval – Implementation

Partner: APA Defacto

Reliably locating information within a database containing 20 million documents is a challenging task when only standard information re-trieval techniques may be used. In the preceding project, several en-hancements to retrieval algorithms and implementation techniques used in the current version of APA Defacto News Search have been suggested.

New or updated functionality included searching for similar docu-ments, algorithms for analysing search results, algorithms for auto-matically extending current search terms and algorithms from the field of information visualisation. In cooperation with our partner the user interface was specified and prototypically implemented.

A variety of visualisation techniques, ranging from simple one-dimensional dia-grams to complex 3D models, was explored and the impact of several navigation techniques was tested.

Finally, the developed client/server prototype was evaluated. Using special test scenarios it was demonstrated that the implemented algo-rithms yield satisfying results. In addition, benefits and drawbacks of the prototypical user interface were identified through user testing and results were integrated into the design proposal for the Apa Online Manager.