How do I get KnowMiner?

How to check out the knowminer open source framework and compile it:

  1. Get a login account from the Knowcenter administrator to the KnowMiner open source subversion repository []. An anonymous read only access is available: User: anonymous (no PW)
  2. Check out all needed projects. For example:
    1. The main high level knowldege discovery API: []
    2. The main KnowMiner components (e.g. used by the high level API): []
  3. configure the [Apache Maven Project Management Tool] to use the [KnowCenter opensource Repository] hosting all needed java libraries. Edit your Maven settings file (located per default in your user home dir in “.m2/settings.xml”.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<settings xmlns=”″ xmlns:xsi=””
<!– ******************************************************* –>
<!– Maven Local settings. Every profile corresponds to different –>
<!– Environments. The KC is the default profile. The others      –>
<!– can be activated by  specifying mvn -P <profileName>         –>
<!– ******************************************************* –>
<!– ******************************************************* –>
<!– repositories for knowledge discovery jar artifacts –>
<!– ******************************************************* –>

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